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Corporate & civil law  

  • Examining and/or drafting agreements used by companies in their commercial activity;

  • Counsel regarding the legal operations undertaken by different companies and businesses; 

  • Briefing companies about certain legislation amendments that would be of interest for their businesses;

  • Drafting or amending a company’s articles of incorporation;

  • Drafting the terms and conditions for online businesses, including implementing policies in accordance with UE Regulation 2016/679 regarding personal data protection;

  • Legal advice regarding special legal regime of companies;

  • Legal advice regarding the companies’ interactions with administrative bodies (issue of certain permits and control documents);

  • Investment projects: legal assistance comprised of drafting agreements and obtaining

  • permits pertaining to the constructions area;

  • Real estate transactions: due diligence activities, negotiations, assistance with public notaries;

  • Incorporation of associations and foundations;

  • Counseling and drafting legal actions across different areas: mobile and immobile claims; termination of contract; property boundaries; divorce, minor entrustment, evacuations, judicial settlement; property law servitudes; tort law and contractual liability; annulment of different legal documents; adverse possession; different claim actions; succession, inheritance settlement, gaining possession of an inheritance, joint possession termination, misdemeanors, foreign court decisions recognition;

  • Drafting, amending, negotiating, and terminating civil contracts: sale agreements, loans, deposits, donations, caretaking contracts, annuity contract, bailment, services, transport, trusteeship, collaterals.

  • Legalizing court decisions and enforcing them;

  • Assistance and representation in “out-of-court” procedures;

drept societar
dreptul muncii

Labor law  

  • Legal assistance regarding working relations, including public sector employees, such as: drafting internal regulations, the right and obligations of both employer and employee, disciplinary and financial liability, labor health and security, work accidents, employees’ protection during company transfer etc.

  • Assistance in negotiating/ concluding/ altering/ enforcing and termination of both individual and collective employment contracts. 

  • Assistance with individual or collective firing procedures.

  • Assistance with personnel restructuring following merging, reorganization, or split-off procedures.

  • Workers’ immigration and employment of foreign citizens.

dreptul consumatorului

Consumer’s rights and manufacturer's rights 

  • Product safety, labeling and warranty.

  • Drafting or reviewing contract clauses and fulfillment of legal obligations regarding

  • Consumer Protection

  • Legal assistance with the National Authority for Consumer Protection

  • Consultancy for manufacturers with regards to Law no.240/2004 concerning product liability for the incurred damages generated by faulty products

  • Legal assistance and advice for manufacturers in relation to limited liability and/or waiver of liability, according to Law no.240/2004, both before the National Authority for Consumer’s Protection and national Courts

fuziuni, achizitii, insolventa

Mergers, acquisitions, insolvency  

  • Assistance with company takeover (assignments, mergers), assets sale (including insolvency) and company transfer.

  • Dissolution and liquidation procedures, insolvency, and bankruptcy.

  • Mergers and acquisitions and specific due diligence procedures

  • Public acquisitions: staging, organizing, conducting, and implementing procedures.

  • Public tenders’ participants representation in front of the National Council for Settlement

  • Challenges.

  • Consultancy and restructuring services for struggling companies to prevent insolvency.

  • Collection of debts associated to underperforming loans.

  • Restructuring companies due to insolvency and assistance in this matter.

  • Business 360° evaluation.

Dispute and arbitration proceedings

  • Alternative dispute settlement such as mediation and conciliation. 

  • Legal assistance and representation in front of the Romanian courts (all levels), including specialized courts and the Constitutional Court.

  • Complex administration and fiscal procedures, insolvency, and foreclosure.

  • Labor law procedures, debt collection, capital markets.

Litigii si arbitraje
Dreptul familiei

Family Law  

  • Amiable divorce procedures, establishing visitation hours for the minor child, distribution of assets.

  • Divorce lawsuits.

  • Settlement lawsuits (mutual asset distribution during marriage or after the divorce).

  • Legal actions related to minors (establishment of minor’s residence, custody settlement).

  • Adoption process.

  • Custody and guardianship process.

  • Parents’ rights revocation.

  • Restraining orders.

Industrial Property  

  • Trademark enrollment and follow-up.

  • Trademark renewal.

  • Web domain protection.

  • Enrollment and follow-up of industrial designs and sketches.

Dreptul proprietatii industriale

White – collar crime  

  • Legal advice pertaining to white collar crimes.

  • Financial crimes such as: tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement.

  • Preemptive counseling. 

Dreptul penal al afacerilor
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