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Lakatoș Jirloianu joins MKP International team

MKP INTERNATIONAL associates professional legal service providers, whereas each of them is a duly registered member of the bar association or other official institution in their home country.

MKP INTERNATIONAL covers all areas of law associated with the activities of corporations and entrepreneurs. The lawyers at MKP INTERNATIONAL have a wealth of experience in providing legal services as part of their expansive litigation work, particularly in business and civil disputes, as well as national and international arbitration, or administrative and criminal proceedings, and have been involved in numerous ground-breaking rulings that have redefined legal practice in the areas concerned.

The core specialisations offered by MKP INTERNATIONAL include capital markets, banking and tax law, insurance law, media law, telecommunications law and information and communication technologies (ICT) law; representation in judicial, arbitral, administrative and criminal proceedings; corporate law and comprehensive legal assistance for commercial transactions; property and construction law, competition law, public procurement law, pharmaceutical and medical law; and transport law and labour law.

MKP INTERNATIONAL collaborates with many accountancy and tax specialists, notary offices and other experts on a daily basis.

The MKP INTERNATIONAL goal is not only ensuring client satisfaction, but also – and especially – the certainty that the industry-leading legal services are the ideal solution. Bearing this in mind, aside from providing top-quality legal advice and media services, it is also routine practice for MKP INTERNATIONAL to impart long-term support and protection for your business, such as monitoring changes made to the relevant legislation and the latest decision-making practices of the courts and administrative authorities.

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